Crowns and Bridges

What are crowns?
A crown, often referred to as a ‘cap’, is a covering around the entire tooth surface, crowns may be required for teeth that are misshapen, uneven in size, decayed, discoloured, chipped, broken or teeth at high risk of breaking such as heavily filled teeth or teeth that may be weakened following from Root Canal procedure.

Due to advances in technology, you can have crowns that appear no different to your natural teeth. We colour match the new crown to your surrounding teeth.

There are many different materials used to create dental crowns, your dentist will determine which material best suits your needs. Depending on the location of the crown, the dentist may advise any of the following: ceramic or metal crown. This will be discussed in your consultation.

What are bridges?

A bridge is a fixed dental prosthesis. It is an option for people who want to replace a missing tooth or teeth and ensure there is no movement from adjacent teeth into the space of the missing tooth. The teeth beside the space where a tooth once was, serve as anchors for the bridge. These anchor teeth are then prepared to accommodate the crowns. Afterwards, a bridge is bonded securely over these teeth. The replacement tooth, which is called a pontic tooth is attached to the adjacent crowns.

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