Orthodontic treatment is becoming increasingly common as patients discover the long-term aesthetic and functional benefits of having their own natural teeth orthodontically straightened to minimise future dental needs and achieve confident smiles. The main benefit – cosmetic appearance aside – is that straighter teeth often have fewer dental complications in the future.

This is because straight teeth:

  • Are easier to clean
  • Don’t trap food as easily
  • Decrease your risk of gum disease
  • Enable you to eat and chew effectively

For the majority of adults, the time for metal braces have passed and they are in the market for more discreet options. Luckily today’s orthodontic treatment options offer a variety of braces and appliances that are comfortable, aesthetic, and customised to meet your needs.

Fixed braces: Ceramic(clear)/metal brackets. These braces are fixed to the teeth with average treatment lasting between one and two years, resulting in a beautiful smile with a corrected bite

Invisalign aligners: A series of removable invisible trays that are changed every 2 weeks

Fixed Braces

Here at Lumina dental we use the Damon system. Damon Braces give you a broader and healthier smile in less time and with greater comfort than conventional braces. The Damon System utilizes a patented slide mechanism to connect archwires to the bracket while allowing the wire to move freely. The Damon System reduces friction and improves oral hygiene by eliminating elastic ties.

Damon braces come in two different options:

  • Damon Clear
  • Damon Metal

Damon Clear Braces offer a great choice for many patients. Damon Clear Braces use the same self-ligating system as Damon Metal Braces, but the brackets are made from a clear ceramic material that blends in with the teeth, making them far less noticeable. The discreet nature of Damon Clear Braces makes them a popular choice for adult orthodontic treatment..

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